Council Minutes: March 21, 2024

Present: Miles Winkler, Pastor Chris Byars, Bill Block, Marilyn Reichwald, Jerry Luther, Micki Carlson
Absent: Jon Simpson

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

  2. Devotions were led by Micki Carlson

  3. Motion to approve the agenda by Marilyn, Miles, MSC

  4. CYF written report

  5. Motion to approve Secretary's Report by Miles, Bill, MSC

  6. Motion to approve Treasurer's Report by Marilyn, Miles, MSC
    a. Discussion on Thermometer: $24,852.80 in 2 months
    b. Discussion on Finance Team: Miles was appointed as Liaison to the Finance Team.

  7. President's Report
    a. Flooring: Starting March 25, the Property & Cemetery Team will start removing trim, painting walls, etc. but will make sure it looks decent for Easter Breakfast and Cantata Dessert Receptions. The floor will be installed April 17-19 and Rachel will be working from the basement those days, but the Fellowship Hall will not be accessible.
    b. Easter Breakfast: eggs (Sharon Raatz), potatoes (Micki Carlson), milk (Miles), 4lbs. ham (Jerry Luther); 9:00am on Saturday to set up; Jerry will ask for donations of sweet rolls.

  8. Pastor's Report
    a. Stewardship & Evangelism Team to meet with Finance Team in May.
    b. Still working on how to welcome new members.
    c. Gillett-Suring Clergy Association is holding a Prayer Luncheon on Wednesday, April 17 at Noon at Em's Restaurant on Main St. in Gillett. They chose to meet for lunch instead of breakfast and will be holding the Prayer Luncheon monthly through October.

  9. No Team/Organization items for Council action.

  10. No Old Business

  11. New Business
    a. Motion to approve Morgan Lisowe transfer to Christ Lutheran in Hintz and Joyce Vizelka transfer to Grace Lutheran in Oconto Falls by Marilyn, Miles, MSC.
    b. Motion to approve vacation for Rachel (May 20-23) by Miles, Bill, MSC.
    c. We need to find a new Treasurer. Clara will stay until the end of April and will help train the new Treasurer. Jerry will speak at Sunday's service about the need.

  12. No Miscellaneous

  13. Ask Rachel to put in bulletin or verbal announcements: need sweet rolls for Easter Breakfast and need a new Treasurer.

  14. Next meeting: April 17, 2024 at 7:00pm

  15. Devotions: Bill Block

  16. Motion to adjourn by Marilyn, Miles, MSC. Closed with the Lord's Prayer.

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