CYF Team Minutes: March 11, 2024

Present: Erik & Rachel Knueppel, Heidi Young, Dawn Byars

Old Business:

  1. Coffee Fundraiser: get flavors & prices so we can actually start taking orders on Easter morning. Sydnie will call and get samples too.

  2. Finance Report

  3. Prayer Weekend Recap

    a. Loved that two different groups got to hear all of it.

    b. Next year, we need to check school calendars, and Via de Cristo weekend dates.

New Business

  1. Easter Egg Hunt

    a. How to use bigger eggs for kids with allergies

    b. Need someone to go through the eggs to throw out broken or yucky ones and make sure we have at least 250.

    c. No candy donations yet, but they will most likely come in the week before Easter. If not, Erik & Rachel can pick some up.

  2. Looking Ahead: April

    a. No meetings on Wednesdays during busier seasons

    b. Stepping Stones Sunday is coming up: help Rachel remember to order everything that is needed, and help collecting names of all participants involved.

  3. Fellowship Hall decorations for after painting & flooring is finished: ways to use NO adhesive (or very little), plan a shopping trip sometime soon!

Next Meeting: April 24, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Rachel Knueppel

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