June 2024 Article

Always remember God's promise in our lives!

Summer is a time of fun. We look forward to vacations and the various events that happen in surrounding communities. During this time, we interact with people who may believe differently than we do. This is a great opportunity. Sadly, we may not always take advantage of these opportunities for Christ and witness our faith to others. Sometimes, it is because we don’t want to create an issue or possibly offend. The reality is that we don’t have to be offensive or disagreeable but merely be open about what we believe. Our faith is the central part of who we are or, at least, it should be. If we live our lives to reflect our faith inevitably people will expect us to speak and act in a way that our faith leads us to do. Evangelism isn’t necessarily confrontational in and of itself. If we were to approach others with words of condemnation, we may not be well received. Is this what Jesus did? No, He addressed people with compassion and met them where they were in their lives.

One of my favorite accounts is in John 4 with Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus was not evasive. Jesus did not act as though the sin He knew that was in this woman did not exist. He calls her out for her sin, but not in a way that condemns but reveals. The woman was fully exposed, and He offered words of comfort. Jesus did not approve. Nor did He offer to bless it. He just spoke the truth and let it lie. This is the faith we hold. We need not caress truth to make it more comfortable but we address it in love, openly and honestly. As we go out into the world, let us go as ambassadors and reflect the hope that is found in Christ and Christ alone.

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